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Chez Vous Caters Bella Magazine’s Kristin Cavallari Release Party

bella kristen cavalleri 011

Recently, Chez Vous had the honor of catering the release party for Bella Magazine’s April, 2016 edition which features Actress/Television Personality Kristin Cavallari on the cover. The event was also attended by actresses Shalita Grant (NCIS: New Orleans), Gabrielle Ruiz (Crazy Ex-Girlfriend), Catherine Curtin & Farrah Krenek (Orange Is The New Black), Hannah Elless, and Entertainment Reporter Jill Nicolini to name a few.

Below is a gallery of photos of our owner, Ettore Mazzei, and other dignitaries at the event:

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Chez Vous at the Clear Comfort Clam ‘n Cue

Photo via SILive.com

Photo via SILive.com

Clear Comfort, also known to many Staten Islanders as “The Alice Austen House” was home to a great new event recently.  A combination clam bake/barbecue called Clear Comfort Clam ‘n Cue showcased steamed clams prepared three different ways, as well as a whole lot of history.

Chez Vous owner/operator, Ettore, Mazzei provided said clams for the occasion.


Dubbed “Clear Comfort Clam ‘n Cue,” the concept makes reference not only to the menu, but also to the venue itself, located at 2 Hylan Blvd. in Rosebank.

“Clear Comfort was the name the Austen Family gave to the homestead which we thought was an apt description,” said executive director Janice Monger.

Proceeds from the event, which costs $60 per adult and $20 per child, supports the historic grounds and building in which photographer Alice Austen once lived. The fundraiser runs from 2 to 6 p.m. It marks the first such casually-themed food fetes at the Austen House, which typically presents black-tie events and formal sit-down dinners such as its annual “Dancing Under the Stars” productions.

Clams will hail from Oyster Bay, Long Island. Ettore Mazzei of Chez Vous Caterers, Stapleton, will prime them on the half-shell, steamed in both red and white sauces plus Casino-style with shallots, garlic, red peppers and bacon.

[via Staten Island Advance]

We look forward to participating in further Clam ‘n Cues, as this years version was a lot of fun in a great Staten Island neighborhood!


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Tips on How To Plan a Super Sweet 16

A Sweet 16 is a party to mark a teenage girl’s passage to early adulthood. In some cultures, a more formal event is held to welcome the girl into another stage of maturity in her life and the society. It is also often referred to as a “coming out” ceremony.

Sweet 16 coming out

For most girls, turning Sweet Sixteen is an important part of her transition into adulthood, and is considered a close second to her wedding. That is why planning a Sweet Sixteen birthday party is something that should not be taken lightly as just another birthday party.

To-Do List 

Pre-planning: 2 to 3 months before the party

Planning a Sweet Sixteen party can take a lot of time depending on how detailed you want the party to be.

  1. Decide on a date. The date doesn’t have to fall exactly on the day of the birthday. It can be after. Make sure you consider the holidays and schedule accordingly. You don’t want an empty birthday party.
  2. Select your venue. Picking a location for such a big event can be a daunting task. You need to keep in mind how many guests you’ll be having and of course your budget. Aside from a ballroom or party hall, you can use your yard, a local park, or a community center.
  3. Who will be attending? While some girls want an intimate party with just close friends and family, some will want a big, elaborate one. Be sure to plan out in advance the guest list.
  4. Send save-the-dates notice. Since the big bash is months away, it’s a good idea to send a save the date magnet first so the guests will not plan anything on that date.
  5. Order an appropriate Sweet Sixteen invitation. Once you finalize the venue, date, and guest list it’s time to order your sweet 16 invitations

Planning the Details: 2-8 weeks before the party

During this phase of the planning you’ll be taking care of the important details of the party. You many need some help so don’t hesitate to ask for one.

  • Theme – pick out a theme that will make the party unforgettable for the birthday girl as well as the guest. Be sure to ask her opinion as she might already have something in mind. Young girls can be very creative!
  • Food – this is where most of your budget will go. You can have the event catered or have a home-cooked buffet. If the event is at a restaurant, then be sure to check the menu ahead of time. Don’t forget to order the cake.Indian-Food buffet
  • Entertainment – a sweet sixteen party is not complete without a program that honors the birthday girl. Plan out a few games to entertain all the guests. Hire a DJ to play some of the most favorite music of the birthday girl. This will give everyone a chance to dance and have a good time.DJ
  • Party favors – a good hostess will never let the guests go home without a sweet 16 party favor. It can be something edible like  sweet 16 candy jar or chic like mini favor purposes. Options are endless so be sure to match the favors to the style and personality of the birthday girl.candy jar


Searching for caterers for your next sweet 16? Give us a call today for a quote at (718)-720-0900. We’ll be happy to help you plan your next event!

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Fun Baby Shower Trends

Here at chez vous, we’re seeing a trend towards catered baby showers on Staten Island. Because people are so interested in throwing them, we thought that we’d share some of the interesting baby shower ideas that have been making the rounds lately.

The experts over at The Baby Center recently posted an article outlining 6 such ideas.

The green shower

With overall trends taking everyone in a more environment friendly direction, why would baby showers be any different. You might be wondering, “How do you have a green baby shower?” The answer is simple. Gently used baby clothes! Kids grow up so fast, that many articles of clothing purchased for a child can reasonably be used for a second child.


The man shower

In the past, a baby shower was all about the mom. Not today! These days dads are getting around for a night of cards, wings, and beer but with a baby shower twist. Dads have been setting up a diaper drop for these “man showers” so that guests can give diapers for the baby. Baby gets diapers, Dad gets to relax with friends, and Mom gets a night to herself. Everybody wins!


The gender reveal shower

This option adds a little bit more spectacle to an already fun tradition. By revealing the sex of the child at the baby shower, guests will be kept on the edge of their seat the whole time. Everyone wants to know if it’ll be a boy or a girl, so why not make a big deal out of it?


The sprinkle

Sprinkles are for moms on their 2nd child. They’re baby showers without all of the pomp and circumstance. With a second child, there’s a good chance that you’ll have a lot of what you need for baby, but there’s still room to celebrate. Gifts are significantly scaled down during a sprinkle. These parties are more about celebrating the child, and less about making sure you have all of the necessities.


The cash registry shower

Cash registry showers allow new parents to be a bit more flexible with the gifts. The shower will be more traditional except for the caveat that gifts should be cash or cash coupons. These showers are ideal for couples who don’t yet know the sex of their child. Giving cash instead of other gifts reduces the need for complicated exchanges.


The grandmother shower

It’s 2014, and that means that lots of baby-boomers are becoming first time grandmas. These ladies are gathering to have a grandbaby shower of their own. A new member of the family is precious, so the more celebrating the better!

If you’re interested in throwing a baby shower in the NY/Tri-State area, we’d be happy to assist you. Contact us to see how we can make your special occasion even more special.

chez vous caterers wedding at St. Peter’s Church

Last week, chez vous had the pleasure of catering Greg and Shanshan’s wedding at St. Peter’s Church which located a few minutes from the Staten Island Ferry.  The church with it’s magnificent architecture is the oldest of the 36 Roman Catholic parishes on Staten Island, having been established in 1839.


St peters church  photo


Check out these photos below from the wedding catered by chez vous.



Chef and Owner Ettore with DJ Chris ox Music to the Max

chez vous caterers wedding at St. Peter’s Church

St Peters Church

st peters church 2

A Party Outdoors? Yes, We Can!

Out door
One of the challenges of adulthood is not only finding the time in which to unwind and enjoy yourself with a little bit of fun, but also finding the perfect place in which to do it. There are a myriad of event halls and auditoriums in which you could have it at and be satisfied. But what about something completely different? A place that has more space than your average event hall, some of the best lighting (depending on time of day), and what amounts to the freshest air ever? Yes, we’re talking about having an outdoor party in Nature’s Backyard!
So how do you plan an outdoor event? If you think that it must be completely different from an indoor party,  you are partially correct. Outdoor party planning does require certain parameters to take into consideration, but they that are not all that different from an indoor party.
Location, theme, entertainment and fun are some of the things one must consider in order to have a successful outdoor party. First things first, though: make sure you check the extended weather report so that you don’t schedule it on rainy day. Now let’s go through the requirements for a successful party one-by-one, shall we?


Party Location
Location is one of the most important aspects of any endeavor and, as such, can make or break the party in question. The location of your party should be known to all who will be in attendance and easily found. How boring would it be to have a party fully staffed and stocked and you are the only one there because even though everyone has heard of “Stockton’s by the Bridge”, it is no where near a bridge and no one has been there before? So therefore, the location must be easily accessible, including via public transit, and widely known to everyone. To help those who may not know where or how to get to the party, including a map or directions in the invitation would help to alleviate most worries on getting there in time instead of driving around aimlessly with no idea of where to go.


Outdoor Party Themes A theme is something not to be taken too lightly when it comes to partying outdoors. Ever felt like you were over-dressed or perhaps under-dressed for the occasion you came for? Whether you’re having a backyard barbecue or a beach blanket bonanza, or even pretending to be at the beach or in the woods, it is best to include this on your invitation so that everyone attending will know what type of attire to wear. A nice desert isle on the beach theme or a Down Under on the Barby theme could get everyone in the right mood and attire to make the party dress appropriate. If need be, include on the invitation suggestion for what to wear (shorts, sandals, shades and sunscreen).


Fun Party GamesAnd now for the entertainment and fun parts, because what fun would a party be without music and good food? Depending on the theme, the food should partially reflect what you’re attempting to convey. Say, you’re throwing a Jamaican-themed party; the food could include barbecued jerk chicken and smoked tilapia with a cooler full of cans/bottles of Kola or various fruit juices such as papaya. The music should also accompany this line of thinking with some calypso or reggae music blasting in the speakers. If your budget should allow, have live entertainment either by a capable musician or by having karaoke with a multitude of songs that fit the theme. “Day-o” anyone?These are only some of the things that would go into making a smashingly successful great outdoor party. Whether it is a personal or business party, the outdoors setting can be a good thing for your planned party to go down as a success.

FREE Wedding Planning Guideline

Our friends over at the Little Wedding Guide have set up a free, easy to follow guideline for planning your wedding.

According to the guide:

Generally speaking, different wedding planning tasks will fall into a timeline that you can of course adjust depending on your own schedule and needs. For most brides and grooms, choosing a wedding date and location is normally on the top of the wedding planning list, followed by choosing a wedding dress and thinking about the inital guest list. Attending a bridal show or two in the early stages is also a good idea. You can use the following plan to guide you through your own planning process. Most importantly, keep things simple, and enjoy the journey!

Everything from deciding on the perfect wedding dress,


to pointing you in the direction of the correct way to file name-change paperwork is covered in this guide.


The free wedding planning guideline is full of everything you will ever need to know regarding the planning of your special day, from buying the perfect engagement ring to planning the perfect honeymoon.

By following any guideline of this nature, you will ensure the smooth-sailing of your next wedding by hitting all the right notes.

Favor Ideas For Your Seasonal Spring Wedding

Seasonal spring weddings are always exciting. The birds are chirping, flowers are blooming, and the sun welcoming the season’s change. We took a look at o My Wedding Favors to check out a few favor ideas for the seasonal spring wedding.  There are many different items and gifts that are both affordable and practical. Just in time for spring, they present a healthy list of season-themed items sure to both brighten the party decor as well as leave your guests talking.

Here are some of our favorites along with their estimated price points.

chez vous owner selected as 2014 Staten Island Sports Hall of Fame Unsung Hero

chez vous owner Ettore Mazzei has been selected as a 2014 Staten Island Sports Hall of Fame Unsung Hero.  For the last 10 years, chez vous has been catering their events.

Unsung Heroes luncheon will be held on Saturday, April 12,2014 at the Staten Island Sports Hall of Fame at Mt. Loretto 12PM. Tickets can be purchased for $85 by calling luncheon chairman Larry Ambrosino at 917-922-0874  or by e-mail leasiny@aol.com

Catering menu will include a fruit and vegetable crudités  presentation table served with hummus. Hot dog cart, and popcorn machine. Bow ties pesto, carved roast with cracked peppercorn sauce, and sea bass. Accompanied by garlic and smashed potatoes.


Staten Island Sports Hall of Fame is a non for profit 501C – dedicated to recognizing and enshrining outstanding individuals who have made exceptional contributions to Staten Island Sports History.


From the beginning, the task of Hall of Fame was simple: “To recognize those individuals who have made extraordinary contributions to Staten Island sports history, and by virtue of their accomplishments, service or force of character, have enriched that history for all time.”

Since then, the members of the Hall of Fame committee have tried to live up to that mandate. It has moved from its humble beginnings on the CSI campus to a permanent home at the Catholic Youth Organization’s Center at Mount Loretto, thanks to the generosity of the Archdiocese of New York. And it has grown over the years, both in the number of athletes it honors as well as the prestige it exudes as the caretaker of the Island’s sports past.

From the plaques of the inductees hanging on its walls, to the photos that hang from its ceiling, to the memorabilia displayed in its nearly two dozen trophy cases, our sports past comes alive. You can almost hear the crack of Bobby Thomson’s bat when he hit his famous 1951 “Shot Heard ‘Round the World” as well as feel the sting a football tackle leaves on someone wearing a leather helmet from New Dorp’s glory days. There are bats, balls and gloves, uniforms and baseball cards, trophies and scorebooks – even a luge used in the Winter Olympics. If it’s important to Staten Island’s sports past, it’s on display.

Staten Island Sports Hall of Fame 
6451 Hylan Blvd
Staten Island, NY 10309
Feel free to LIKE them on Facebook

Numbering Your Table With Style


As we have touched upon in past posts, your wedding should be the event you have always wanted it to be. We’re not saying to go nuts outside of your general budget, but, by all means, get creative and invest in interesting and celebratory decor. Especially when it comes down to the table numbers.

One way of jazzing-up your reception is in relation to the tables.

According to Southern New England Weddings, there are quite a few ways that you can re-use or re-purpose various tools around your house to be used as decorative table numbers; an example of something that is seemingly ho-hum that can bring an extra spark of style to any table.

First thing you can use to brighten the decor of your table are napkin rings.


By using numbered napkin rings to denote seating arrangements, it provides for simple functionality as well as a fun way to give your guests a cool, little party favor.


Moving one step away from napkin rings, just napkins. While not as tactile of a gift for party-goers, It can still be a practical approach to table seating. Also, depending on the type of cloth you use, your guests may actually be reminded of your wedding by using their number 4 napkin to wipe their face down for years to come.


Having a beautiful, numbered centerpiece, whether it be a candle arrangement housed in beautiful flowers or a glass bowl filled with water and floating candles (Candles are always a good constant), raffling-off one of these elegant centerpieces at the end of the night is sure to make the winning guests go home with more than just fond memories.


Finally, for the ultimate touch of class, one might seek to go for numbered wine bottles. A bouquet of fresh flowers is fine, but it might tend to be something reserved just for the ladies. A fresh, sparkling bottle of vino on the other hand, can please even the most-discerning of male or female palettes.

We hope that you might take any of these tips to heart, and remember, if you are looking to plan a wedding or event, contact chez vous caterers and party rental for all your planning needs.