David Tutera’s Insider Wedding Tips


Star of We tv‘s “My Fair Wedding,” (which chez vous Catering has been featured on) David Tutera is spilling some of his expert secrets and tips in this month’s Bazaar magazine.

Here are 10 of his top tips for planning the perfect wedding:

1. Before jumping into the details, take the time to envision the end result.

2. Remember, less can be more. All you have to do is stay thrifty with the money you have available to you.

3. All the details count when it comes to invitations. They should set a tone of excitement for the entire affair.

4. Ask for several correlating designs for your centerpieces. Doing so should cut costs and add depth to the aesthetic.

5. Pick a dress that compliments your body type. Know what works best for you to find a dress that truly is a “perfect fit.”

6. Hire enough makeup artists for your wedding and predetermine the order of appointments.

7. The food should convey your personality. Create a menu that is inspired by places and things enjoyed by you and your loved one.

8. Do something new every 30 minutes. A new drink, food item, lighting change; whatever it is, it will help to keep things fresh and your guests eagerly anticipating your next move.

9. Be sure to show appreciation by letting your guests know how much it means to you that they are all there to join you on your special day.

10. Enjoy every step of the way. Wedding planning should feel like an exciting series of events leading up to a grand finale.

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