Staten Island Minimony Micro-Weddings From Chez Vous

Micro-weddings, or “minimonies”, are the latest trend taking over the wedding world! These small gatherings of 40 of your nearest and dearest friends and family members are a more intimate alternative to the traditional wedding, and give you and your guests the chance to really enjoy each other’s company as you celebrate your big day.

4 Great Gender Reveal Party Ideas for 2021

With Staten Island gender reveal parties soaring in popularity over the past few years, it can feel like people are using the same gender reveal cliches, time and again. If you’re wracking your brain for some new uncommon and under-the-radar options for your Staten Island gender reveal party, don’t stress. We’ve listed plenty of unique trendy gender reveal ideas for you. These are sure to turn your Staten Island gender reveal party into one your guests won’t forget.

2021 Wedding Trends To Know Before Booking Your Staten Island Wedding

2021 Weddings are here and upon us, and with them comes hope for a brighter and better year for all! There are many exciting Wedding Trends for your Staten Island Wedding this year. Last year saw a huge drought for the wedding industry because of the Pandemic. This year we see couples pushing the boundaries of what is considered “traditional”. Digital Weddings continue to be a hot choice, and couples are deciding that quality is more important than quantity. In 2021, the Wedding Trends is all about colors and creativity.

Plan a Backup Location For Your Planned Party – with No Deposit Required!

What if you didn’t have to cancel your event and could simply pivot to a backup plan? That way your guests and vendors know that the show will go on, rain or shine!

What is “Party Anxiety” and How Can You Avoid It?

One thing you must learn early on as a Caterer & Party Rental Company is what “Party Anxiety” is. I coined the term over 3 decades ago, so I can stay Zen — and to train my staff to stay Zen when a client starts freaking out and getting anxious without an apparent cause. 

Tents Available For Medical and Organizational Purposes on Staten Island

Earlier this week, Chez Vous Caterers set up a temporary Coronavirus command tent for Mount Sinai Hospital/Victory Health Partners. In partnership with our sister company, we were able to provide this important set up for the health of all Staten Islanders. If any other medical or government agencies are in need of temporary structures, tents, canopies, etc. or if you need santitation or remediation services, give us a call and learn how Chez Vous or our sister companies can help.

Chez Vous Catered The New Year’s Eve Celebration at The Accolade at Bay Street Landing

For New Year’s Eve 2019, Chez Vous was proud to cater a Casino New Year’s Eve party at the Accolade Condominum Complex located at Bay Street Landing. Fun & Games as well as great Food & Drink were had by all in the hours before the ball dropped and 2019 became 2020. The Accolade has a beautiful space for events and we had a great time working there and mingling with our Bay Street neighbors!

Staten Island Bridal Shower Catering by Chez Vous Caterers

Chez Vous Catering & Party Rentals is the perfect company to help make your next Staten Island bridal shower one you and your guests will never forget, by hosting & catering it at Staten Island’s own Edgewater Hall.

Popular BBQ Trends For 2019

When it comes to BBQ Trends, each year brings with it fresh ideas and brand new twists that define each yearly season. 2019 is certainly no different. One of the top trends of the entire year is Going Green. That’s right, veggies are back in for 2019.

Veggie Options For Your Next BBQ

One of the top BBQ Trends of 2019 has been the emergence of vegetables as not only a great & growing alternative to meat at a BBQ, but its coronation as the main course. Thus solidifying veggies as not just a trend, but as an option that is here to stay. The days of setting aside a few salads for guests not interested in meat are long gone and most people now get just as excited over a creative vegetarian dish as they do for a meat one.