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12 Favorite Engagement Ring Trends for 2016

Oh wedding season, each year you give us the feels like:


And sometimes we feel a bit like this:


Its just you and your boo, and next thing you know, they are down on one knee.


And of course, you said yes.


But before you get to this point, it can be quite daunting to select the right ring. Wedding trends change every year, and sometimes they change by season. Chez Vous, has got you covered. Here is our list of our 12 Favorite Engagement Ring Trends for 2016.

  1) Rose Gold

This ring from Brilliant Earth is beyond stunning. Featuring the hot trend in fashion, the rose gold is what really makes these pearls stand out.

Rose Gold

  2) Floral Motifs

Floral elements add a feminine feeling to any ring. And this one from Brilliant Earth has certainly turned a few heads.

Floral Ring

  3) Vintage

Vintage rings are something that never go out of style. In some cases they have sentimental meaning and they are generally unique and perfect for any alternative couple.

Antique Ring

  4) Mixed Metals

Much like the trend of mixing fabric types that was unveiled during New York Fashion Week, mixing metals is all the craze in the jewelry industry for 2016. The look of mixing different metals together creates something that is both edgy and classic.


  5) Colorful Diamonds

Couples are moving away from the traditional clear diamonds for something more modern like a diamond colored to look like a gem stone. Diamonds can come in yellows, pinks, and blues, this ring from Danhov is a lovely pale yellow.


  6) Pear Shaped

Pear shaped rings are one of the classic engagement ring shapes. This ring from Gottilieb and Sons is a combination of classic and modern.And might we add that the mixed metal on this ring, elevates it to a whole new level of chic.

pearl ring

  7) Colorful Accent Stones

Mixing diamonds and gem stones first became popular in the 1980s, and Sylvie is known for their lovely mixed stone rings.

Mixed Gems

  8) Gem Stones

This ring incorporates the art deco style in this stunning European cut ring. Priced at $10k, anyone would say yes to this ring!

Gem Stone

  9) Three-Stone Rings

Uneek was founded by Benjamin Javaheri, they specialize in what they call “custom-taylored” rings.

three stone

10) Stackable Rings

These stackable rings are the gift that keeps on giving. And Sandra Biachi’s Dreams Collection Quatrain Bridal set does not disappoint. The ring set includes a 14K white gold engagement ring, wedding band, an anniversary band and a 14K rose gold ring.

Dreams Quatrain bridal set by Sandra Biachi Fine Jewelry. The Dreams Collection, symmetry, both modern and traditional in design. Engagement ring, wedding band, gold band and anniversary band.

11) Meaningful Details

Every one loves rings with sentimental value. Whether they be a ring that was a loved ones, or a meaningful inscription, these rings can certainly make the receiver feel the love.  Heather B. Moore offers thoughtful rings that will delight any couple. All of her pieces offer thoughtful elements, like this one were you can hide a love letter in it.

Meaningful Details

12) Bows

These rings are ornate and not for the faint of heart. They symbolize the tying of the knot that a couple will experience on their wedding day.


We hope these rings will assist your other half in selecting the perfect ring for you. And if you need any help in creating your Happily Ever After, Chez Vous is now accepting 2016 bridal bookings. But for now, you have our permission to enjoy your fairy tale engagement, and the beginning of your lives together forever.



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David Tutera’s Insider Wedding Tips


Star of We tv‘s “My Fair Wedding,” (which chez vous Catering has been featured on) David Tutera is spilling some of his expert secrets and tips in this month’s Bazaar magazine.

Here are 10 of his top tips for planning the perfect wedding:

1. Before jumping into the details, take the time to envision the end result.

2. Remember, less can be more. All you have to do is stay thrifty with the money you have available to you.

3. All the details count when it comes to invitations. They should set a tone of excitement for the entire affair.

4. Ask for several correlating designs for your centerpieces. Doing so should cut costs and add depth to the aesthetic.

5. Pick a dress that compliments your body type. Know what works best for you to find a dress that truly is a “perfect fit.”

6. Hire enough makeup artists for your wedding and predetermine the order of appointments.

7. The food should convey your personality. Create a menu that is inspired by places and things enjoyed by you and your loved one.

8. Do something new every 30 minutes. A new drink, food item, lighting change; whatever it is, it will help to keep things fresh and your guests eagerly anticipating your next move.

9. Be sure to show appreciation by letting your guests know how much it means to you that they are all there to join you on your special day.

10. Enjoy every step of the way. Wedding planning should feel like an exciting series of events leading up to a grand finale.

More about My Fair Wedding & David Tutera

More about chez vous’ involvement with My Fair Wedding

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chez vous caterers would like to congratulate Kevin and Miguel on their marriage. The couple sent over a touching thank you note to our staff for their efforts on their special day.

Dear Ettore,

Before the year comes to an end, we want to express our thanks to you for helping make 2011 an incredible year for us. We thank you for the wonderful food you provided for our reception. The work your staff put into servicing our guests was professional and attentive. Everyone commented on how much they loved everything that was served! Know that you will always be part of our fairy tale. We wish you a wonderful holiday season and the best in 2012. Please remember to believe in the magic of your dreams. They can come true.

Kevin and Miguel

Remember, chez vous catering and party rental is here for YOU! When it’s time to celebrate your special day, let us help you in planning out a wedding that will delight even the most-discerning of tastes. We’ll create the atmosphere you desire in your home, office, under a tent, or you may choose from one of our exclusive party spaces.

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Woodstock Wedding at Shandelee Lake Inn.

Shandelee Lake Inn. This hip, chic, and stylish country inn is just mere miles from the original site of the 1969 Woodstock Music Festival. Many newbies do not know that the festival didn’t actually happen in Woodstock. One month before the planned date of the festival, August 15th 1969, the venue was changed to the farm of Max Yasgur, a 600 acre dairy farm in the town of Bethel.

In a recent post to Rock ‘n’ Roll bride, their editor Kat highlighted a simulated Woodstock style wedding:

Photo By Cory Kennedy

Photo By Cory Kennedy

This hippy chic, picnic stylee wedding with a woodstock vibe is nothing short of phenomenal. Finding amazing hidden gems like this has got to be one of my favourite things to do. I feel as though I have unearthed a complete treasure. (Read the entire post at Rock N Roll Bride)

At Shandelee Lake Inn, the Rock and Roll Woodstock wedding is a reality. Clients have shared with us that our three day weekend weddings actually simulate the three day festival atmosphere. Offering casual elegant catering and a relaxed and professional staff, live Music, magical times, and if you want to get muddy play by our lake. The party never ends at Shandelee.

Lindsay and Troy’s Wedding 06/20/09 Shandelee Lake Inn:


Lindsay and Troy play some Janis Joplin with their band “Hot Rod” at Shandelee into the wee hours of the night.


For information, contact us.

Shandelee Lake Inn Hosts 2010 Mike Levine Workshop

On April 30th, Shandelee Lake Inn was host to the 2010 Mike Levine Workshop on new media for the second year in a row, as well as being catered by chez vous.

The conference is a way for new journalists to learn and get a feel for the direction their field is taking.

From the differences between “saving print media” vs. “saving journalism” to the use and importance of using social networks as a key tool in the new media landscape to help brand yourself and remain a vital part of the grander media conversation in an ever changing and never stopping news cycle.

One of the prominent speakers at the event was Ass. Professor at Arizona State University and member of the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism Leslie-Jean Thornton, Ph.D.

Prof. Thornton spoke of the importance of, specifically, Twitter and how It’s ability to provide snap citizen journalism will, and has already, become a key component in the new media landscape.

She also spoke of how an upstart company like Twitter began with a group of friends in 2007 and has now become one of the most-used websites on the net and sought after by investors for millions of dollars.

The overall tone of the event was that of blazing your own trail.

Guest speakers like Meg McGuire, Ellen Levine, Barbara Gref, Kristy Gray, Joan Garrett, Beth Brelje, Howard Frank, Gittel Evangelist, Doyle Murphy, Rachel Dickinson, Mary Ann Bragg, Cara Solomon, among others in the profession, echoed the sentiment that the news media is changing.

Not for the better or worse, but for new crops of journalists to figure out how to navigate it.