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Tips For Hosting a Staten Island Wedding In Your Own Backyard

Are you planning a warm, intimate and personal kind of celebration for your wedding? Then, hosting a wedding in your own backyard is the best deal for you. This trend of getting married in own backyards is increasing significantly for the past few years. As a matter of fact, backyard marriages are romantic, intimate and memorable but come with their large share of challenges. It involves a great deal of work and a lot of aspects to pay attention to.

12 Favorite Engagement Ring Trends for 2016

Oh wedding season, each year you give us the feels like:


And sometimes we feel a bit like this:


Its just you and your boo, and next thing you know, they are down on one knee.


And of course, you said yes.


But before you get to this point, it can be quite daunting to select the right ring. Wedding trends change every year, and sometimes they change by season. Chez Vous, has got you covered. Here is our list of our 12 Favorite Engagement Ring Trends for 2016.

  1) Rose Gold

This ring from Brilliant Earth is beyond stunning. Featuring the hot trend in fashion, the rose gold is what really makes these pearls stand out.

Rose Gold

  2) Floral Motifs

Floral elements add a feminine feeling to any ring. And this one from Brilliant Earth has certainly turned a few heads.

Floral Ring

  3) Vintage

Vintage rings are something that never go out of style. In some cases they have sentimental meaning and they are generally unique and perfect for any alternative couple.

Antique Ring

  4) Mixed Metals

Much like the trend of mixing fabric types that was unveiled during New York Fashion Week, mixing metals is all the craze in the jewelry industry for 2016. The look of mixing different metals together creates something that is both edgy and classic.


  5) Colorful Diamonds

Couples are moving away from the traditional clear diamonds for something more modern like a diamond colored to look like a gem stone. Diamonds can come in yellows, pinks, and blues, this ring from Danhov is a lovely pale yellow.


  6) Pear Shaped

Pear shaped rings are one of the classic engagement ring shapes. This ring from Gottilieb and Sons is a combination of classic and modern.And might we add that the mixed metal on this ring, elevates it to a whole new level of chic.

pearl ring

  7) Colorful Accent Stones

Mixing diamonds and gem stones first became popular in the 1980s, and Sylvie is known for their lovely mixed stone rings.

Mixed Gems

  8) Gem Stones

This ring incorporates the art deco style in this stunning European cut ring. Priced at $10k, anyone would say yes to this ring!

Gem Stone

  9) Three-Stone Rings

Uneek was founded by Benjamin Javaheri, they specialize in what they call “custom-taylored” rings.

three stone

10) Stackable Rings

These stackable rings are the gift that keeps on giving. And Sandra Biachi’s Dreams Collection Quatrain Bridal set does not disappoint. The ring set includes a 14K white gold engagement ring, wedding band, an anniversary band and a 14K rose gold ring.

Dreams Quatrain bridal set by Sandra Biachi Fine Jewelry. The Dreams Collection, symmetry, both modern and traditional in design. Engagement ring, wedding band, gold band and anniversary band.

11) Meaningful Details

Every one loves rings with sentimental value. Whether they be a ring that was a loved ones, or a meaningful inscription, these rings can certainly make the receiver feel the love.  Heather B. Moore offers thoughtful rings that will delight any couple. All of her pieces offer thoughtful elements, like this one were you can hide a love letter in it.

Meaningful Details

12) Bows

These rings are ornate and not for the faint of heart. They symbolize the tying of the knot that a couple will experience on their wedding day.


We hope these rings will assist your other half in selecting the perfect ring for you. And if you need any help in creating your Happily Ever After, Chez Vous is now accepting 2016 bridal bookings. But for now, you have our permission to enjoy your fairy tale engagement, and the beginning of your lives together forever.



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Jen and Sal’s Fairy Tale Wedding Takes Them To Edgewater Hall.

Jennifer Macaluso and Sal Ciriolo’s wedding has gone viral, and for good reason. The happy couple tied the knot at beautiful Von Briesen Park on Staten Island, and then rode away in a horse drawn carriage. Where was that carriage headed? To Edgewater Hall of course! After their beautiful ceremony, the horse & buggy dropped them off at Edgewater hall from Von Briesen Park. At the hall Chez Vous catered their reception.

We are proud to say that we helped shape the couple’s magical day.

If you’re interested in having your wedding at Edgewater Hall, you can contact us here.

7 Bridal Trends for Fall 2015 and Resort 2016

After looking through countless runway shows from the Fall 2015 and Spring 2016 bridal shows, we cannot be more excited about this season-s bridal trends! Top designers, such as Oscar De La Renta, Vera Wang, and Prata, have out done themselves this fashion season with their innovative twists on some modern classics. Below, are the top 20 trends for the 2016 Wedding Season.

1) Fringe and Feathers 

Feathers were originally used for ornamentation on headbands and masks, but in the 1920s the feather was used in dresses and skirts to provide more movement to the garments. This gown by Lela Rose is a prime example of how to pull off this look. The feathered skirt paired with the corset bodice is absolutely breathe taking.

lela rose feathers

Fringe, much like feathers, was huge in the 1920s and made a slight resurgence in the 1960s and 1970s during the hippie fashion movement. This dress by Naeem Khan is a great way to pull off fringe in a fun, classic way. Having the gown stop before the knee is a great way to be both fun and flirty for your special day.

frin nk

Out of all of the fringe gowns that we have seen this season, this gown by Pronovias is perfection! The movement of this gown as you walk down the aisle will leave all of your guests breathless.

PLADIa fringe

2) Separates

The crop top originally made its debut in the 1940s as a way for women to show a little more skin in a conservative manner. The tops originally had collars and only showed off a small portion of a woman’s upper waist, this allowed the hourglass figure of a woman to be emphasized. Since then, the trend has broaded since the 70s and 80s to show the midrift of a woman. This particular gown, designed by Stone Fox Bride, is remnant of the 40s rendition of the crop top, but is done in a high fashion manner as shown from their 2015 Fall collection.

crop top stone fox bride

The pantsuit was first worn by women in the 1920s, but was seen as being unlady like. It wasn’t until the 1960s, when Yves Saint Lauren, made the pant suit a desirable outfit by women of the era. Today, the pant suit has evolved and is worn by many celebrities. Brides have taken a liking to this trend because the look is a sophisticated option for any bride who is not a fan of wearing a gown. This one was designed by Temperley London.

temperley london

Ballgowns have always been a popular option among brides, these separates were designed by Pronovias. This is a perfect blend of masculine and feminine for any nontraditional bride.


3) Corset Bodices

A corset was a popular choice for women in the 16th and 17th centuries. Oscar De La Renta‘s interpretation on this classic piece is one of the reasons why you will be all over this trend. The dress has a hyper feminine silhouette and will flatter any body type as it creates an hourglass figure and hugs a woman’s curves.

oscar corset

This lovely corset also plays off of the ice blue trend with the ivory color fading into a luscious ice blue at the bottom. Designed by Claire Pettibone, this gown has wonderful movement and flow.

ice blue CP

4) Flouncy Sleeves

Sleeves were huge this past runway season, and many designers went outside of the box with the types of materials they used. The flouncy sleeve gives the garment more of a romantic look and really brings attention to elongate your shoulders and makes the bride look more confident and radiant as she walks down the aisle. This dress, designed by Claire Pettibone, was one of the standout dresses for this trend.

sleeves claire pettibone

5) Cutouts and Laser-Cut Florals

Cutouts became popular in the 1970s and 80s as a way to further enhance the crop top. Today in fashion they are a great way to emphasize the smallest part of a woman’s waist in order to make her appear slimmer. This gown, designed by Anne Barge, combines the cutout trend with a metallic bodice which creates a very chic look. Perfect for any black tie themed weddings.

cutouts anne barge

This romper takes the trend and goes it in a more subtle, sexy way. Designed by Gemy Maalouf, this romper is perfect for any nontraditional bride looking for comfort and style.

gemy maalouf

Ice blue, cutouts, and the floral-laser cut pattern?! Can you say #TrendOverload?! This gown is simply stunning and is genious designed to be in for many seasons to come. Designed by Monique Lhuiller, this is our top pick for the season.

Monique Lhuillier cut outs

6) Deep V

This trend began in the middle east and has since spread across fashion and has been adopted in various different ways. This type of gown is great for accentuating the neckline and for showing off the girls. This gown, designed by Alon Livne, combines the metallic and deep v trend to create a stunning dress that we would definitely say yes to.

Deep V Alon Livne

Designed by Delphine Manivet, this gown is perfect for a beach wedding ceremony or for any sort of outdoor wedding.

deep v delphine manivet

7) Color – Ice Blue, Rose Gold, Champagne, and Metallic

This gown was designed by Monique Lhuiller, and is a very subtle way to add color to your gown. Ice Blue is believed by many to have been made popular through the character of Elsa from Disney’s Frozen.Monique Lhuillier ice blue


This metallic show stopper was designed by Isabella Armstrong and is the perfect solution for any woman with curves.

isabella armstrong metalics


This Rose Gold Gown is any woman’s dream. Designed by Monique Lhuiller, can you say love?

Monique Lhuillier rose gold

These gowns are going to be all over bridal boutiques for the next year. Chez Vous is also now accepting 2016 Bridal Bookings, we also have a few slots open fr 2015 Weddings as well. For more information on our rates, venues, and rentals, call Ettore at 347.723.1825 or e-mail us at Ettore@cvparties.com.

Encore Weddings By chez vous caterers

“Encore Wedding” is a phrase that we’ve coined to describe the ceremonies of couples who are tying the knot for a second time. The events tend to be more simple and elegant, have smaller or no bridal parties, have one location for both the ceremony and reception, have crowdsourced photography, and even use iPods instead of an expensive DJ.

First weddings are about the event itself, while “encore weddings” are more about the people. Both the couple getting married and the guests there to share that special experience.

Here at chez vous caterers, we’ve been hosting many of these encore weddings. Our focus is on giving value driven catering & services for these kind of events which are a specialty of ours.

A former groom of chez vous caterers said to the owner, “I don’t know who’s more stupid. Me for doing it again or you for doing it so cheap!”

If you’re interested in learning more about booking an “encore wedding” contact us here, or call 1-718-720-0900.

chez vous teams up with David Tutera for Monte Carlo inspired wedding

chez vous teams up with David Tutera for Monte Carlo inspired wedding

Melissa Mazzei & the staff of chez vous caterers teamed up with celebrity party planner David Tutera to cater Nicole & Dwayne’s Monte Carlo inspired wedding at the Prince George Ballroom in New York City.

What better way to celebrate a Monte Carlo themed wedding than by having chez vous ,a French catering company owed by an Italian family cater the wedding.

chez vous is French for, at your home or as we say in catering, at your location of choice. For over 28 years chez vous has been catering to the hip & stylish when celebrating their weddings and important events.

Monte Carlo lies in the French Riviera on the Mediterrean Sea coastline in the south east corner of France. It neighbors with Italy.

When creating a Monte Carlo menu, elegance and royalty are what comes to mind. What better than to start the meal with white gold, better know as Belgian Endive or French Endive.

Any Monte Carlo inspired menu would include the freshest fish from the region, a Wild Salmon will be served accompanied with side dishes from their Italian neighbor.

Dessert could have been none other than Crème Brulee topped with Italian Biscotti & Fresh Raspberries.

Nicole & Dwayne’s

Monte Carlo inspired menu
Cocktail Hour
Shrimp Cocktail on Endive
Lobster & Crab Voul au vent
Grilled Baby Lamb Chops Mint Demi Glace
Skewered Sesame Chicken Sauce Poivrade
Asparagus Flaky French Pastry Maltese Sauce
Filet Mignon on toast horseradish mayonnaise

Endive, Blue Cheese, Candied Walnuts, Pears,
Lemon Orange Vinaigrette

Processo Basil Butter Sauce
Pommes Anna, Broccoli Rabe


Fresh Raspberries Almond Biscotti


A Selection of French & Italian Wines
American Beer Sparkling & Flat Water

2013 Spring Wedding Trends According To Pinterest

Chances are, you or someone that you know got engaged in the period between Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Now that the holidays are behind us, it’s time to start planning those weddings. One fun place to gather inspiration is Pinterest, which has become increasingly popular among brides to be.

The social photo pinboard site does a surprisingly great job of collecting the year’s big wedding trends to come. After spending some time perusing the site, here are the 5 2013 Spring Wedding Trends that appeared the most often.

1. Lace

After providing a subtle boost to the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton, Lace is very popular at the moment.  Like Kate, you’ll want to use the fabric as an accent.


2. Mint Green

The hot color for this upcoming season is Mint green. The refreshing shade is popular because it’s looked at as chic and beautiful, not to mention different from affairs held in years past. It’s also quite fitting for the spring season.


3. The Reception Lounge

One of the more interesting trends is that of the reception lounge. Creating a nightclub atmosphere for your guests during the reception makes for a hipper, more interesting party.


4. Creative Food Options

A continuing trend for the upcoming wedding season is providing guests with interesting and different food options. Some weddings have been using middle-eastern choices while others have taken to more casual fare.


5. Rustic Themes

Brides are taking a cue from the past for the wedding of the future. Rustic themes like having a wedding in a barn or using bails of hay as seating are all part of this.

If you’re interested in incorporating any of these trends into your wedding chez vous provides consultation and catering services. Contact us for more information.

New York City Summer Wedding Trends

New York City is considered by many to be the greatest city in the world, so it comes as no surprise that New York wedding planners are the taste-makers when it comes to your big day.  Recently Bridal Guide interviewed some of NYC’s most prominent planners in order to gauge the hottest trends for Weddings in the big apple this summer.

In brief, here’s what the experts had to say:

  • Dazzling Wedding Decorations – Colorful silverware, designer lighting, and larger than life bars are all the rage.
  • Mood Altering Wedding Colors – The days of the plain white wedding are over, now brides are looking to spice things up with bold colors on their big day.
  • Tasty Food and Drinks – Traditional fare is out while more interesting options like sliders and margaritas are in.
  • Wines of the Times – Staying on top of this years top wine is important for today’s weddings.
  • Forget Me Not Flowers – People are choosing to select floral arrangements that make a statement and are hard to forget.
  • Tempting Desserts and Cakes – Similar to decor, bold is in style when it comes to the wedding cakes. The shinier, the better.
  • Mood Music – Music has become one of the most important was to personalize a wedding, chosing personal favorites over traditional wedding staples.

For a more in depth look at Bridal Guide’s wedding trends, click here.

To book a hip and stylish wedding of your own, contact us.

Now That NY Has Approved Gay Marriage, Here Are A Few People That Will Help You Officiate Your Wedding

Congratulations to all of our friends in the LGBT community who can now participate in the act of marriage in New York City. We at chez vous catering and party rental wish you all the best and would like to do our part by giving you a few places around the city to choose from when deciding on who and how to officiate your ceremony.

First up are the fine people over at New York Marriages. One look at their website will tell you that these guys know what they are doing. They have all the facts and prerequisites on-point and will help guide you softly into the comfort and joy of your wedding day with the ease and skill needed to make sure that everything you need is on the up-and-up for your big moment.

Next is The Center (the LGBT Community Center of NYC) on West 13th street in NYC. The Center, while not specifically a place for you and your significant other to go to get your actual license, is the closest thing and is noted here because of it’s vast amount of resources available to gay and lesbian couples; from the basic information about marriage licenses and what it takes to obtain one in New York City to a very detailed breakdown of the legal rights same sex couples are entitled to under the new law.

Another great officiant here in New York City is Kim Worley; an interfaith minister whose weddings have been featured in the NY Times, The Knot, and Brides.com as well as a fairly lengthy list of client quotes greatly approving of her services. You cancheck her out over at www.officiantnyc.com

But probably your best bet to find the person for your wedding is the marriage officiant database, where you will find every type of officiant of every faith that will allow gay marriage. No matter what situation you are in, you will find the right person for the job to officiate your special day.

And remember, chez vous catering and party rental is here for YOU! When it’s time to celebrate your special day, let us help you in planning out a wedding that will delight even the most-discerning of tastes. We’ll create the atmosphere you desire in your home, office, under a tent, or you may choose from one of our exclusive party spaces. Contact us today for more info!

Woodstock Wedding at Shandelee Lake Inn.

Shandelee Lake Inn. This hip, chic, and stylish country inn is just mere miles from the original site of the 1969 Woodstock Music Festival. Many newbies do not know that the festival didn’t actually happen in Woodstock. One month before the planned date of the festival, August 15th 1969, the venue was changed to the farm of Max Yasgur, a 600 acre dairy farm in the town of Bethel.

In a recent post to Rock ‘n’ Roll bride, their editor Kat highlighted a simulated Woodstock style wedding:

Photo By Cory Kennedy

Photo By Cory Kennedy

This hippy chic, picnic stylee wedding with a woodstock vibe is nothing short of phenomenal. Finding amazing hidden gems like this has got to be one of my favourite things to do. I feel as though I have unearthed a complete treasure. (Read the entire post at Rock N Roll Bride)

At Shandelee Lake Inn, the Rock and Roll Woodstock wedding is a reality. Clients have shared with us that our three day weekend weddings actually simulate the three day festival atmosphere. Offering casual elegant catering and a relaxed and professional staff, live Music, magical times, and if you want to get muddy play by our lake. The party never ends at Shandelee.

Lindsay and Troy’s Wedding 06/20/09 Shandelee Lake Inn:


Lindsay and Troy play some Janis Joplin with their band “Hot Rod” at Shandelee into the wee hours of the night.


For information, contact us.