Wedding Venue Hunt: What To Look For In A Wedding Venue

One of the first major things to check off that wedding preparation list is the venue itself. In fact, only after you decide the venue, further preparations like catering, decoration, seating arrangement, and guest list can begin. If you’re not hosting your wedding at the Historic Edgewater Hall, you’ll want to find a location that can accommodate all of your wedding’s needs.

With so many options to choose from, finding the perfect venue may seem like an easy task. However, when it comes down to actually making the decision, things start to get tricky.

Fortunately for you, you don’t have stress over venue hunts anymore. As Staten Island Wedding Catering and rental service, we know exactly what boxes need to be checked.


Venues are expensive, period. What does your budget say? It may seem like stating the obvious right now, but calculating your budget can save you from a lot of heartbreak and wasted time. No use in mooning over a $15000 venue when you really can only afford a $5000 venue.  

Venue Capacity

The last thing any couple would want is to end up with a venue that feels cramped. We know empty halls look colossal, but that space is taken up very quickly when you put in the furniture, DJ, and large decorative pieces floral walls.

Remember folks, you want your wedding venue to be nice and roomy on the big day!


Do you plan on having a romantic moonlight dance with your partner? Will your wedding have loud, thumping music to get everyone in the mood and show their crazy moves? Whatever your plans for the wedding are, make sure to go over any restrictions such as those of time and loud music before you sign anything.

Location, Overnight Accommodations, Transport…

The location of your venue should be easily accessible to all the guests. If you have a remote and exotic location in mind for the wedding, don’t forget to look up nearby overnight accommodations and transportation for the guests.

Is The Venue Inclusive Of Other Services?

Some venues just offer you space. Others are inclusive of other services such as catering, rentals, planning, and so on.  What does your venue offer? Most couples opt for venues that offer flexibility such as selecting your own caterer. (On that note don’t forget to check out our Affordable Staten Island Wedding Catering services and party rentals!)

Happy venue hunting!

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