Top Reasons To Have A Summer Wedding.

One of the most popular times to have a wedding is in the summer, and with summer officially starting on June 20th, we’ve decided to highlight some of the reasons why that’s so.

More people can attend. 

Most importantly, like any other major life event, you’d like to have as many of your family and friends present as you possibly can. In the summer it’s easier for the people that you love to work around scheduling obstacles. Many professions have time off in the summer, and other ones allow room for flexibility.

The Dresses Call For It

Did you know that 75% of all wedding dresses are sleeveless? It’s true, and in the summer heat having less fabric is a plus. Sleeveless dresses may be a little chilly in the fall and definitely in the winter.

The flowers are in season

Spring is known as a time when the flowers begin to blossom, so in summer favorites of florists are in full bloom ready to make a wedding as beautiful and botanically diverse as possible.

Bold colors are acceptable.

Summer calls for outdoor weddings, which call for bold colors which may be a little much for chapels or other indoor locations.  Without the limitations of having your ceremony in a location where originality is trumped by tradition, your wedding can have a style that is specifically unique to you.

Location Weddings

In the summer the amount of locations which are primed for wedding ceremonies is increased dramatically. Having your wedding  on a beach or in the mountains is something that wouldn’t be possible in other seasons. We hold weddings regularly at Shandelee Lake Inn during summer months in the Catskill mountains.

The beautiful scenery surrounding Shandelee Lake makes every occasion just a little bit more special.