Tips for Hosting an Easter Party

Easter is the most important day of the Christian calendar year. Easter celebrates Jesus Christ’s resurrection from the dead, the end of Lent and the last day of the Easter Triduum. This Easter tradition symbolizes the triumph of good over evil, along with the triumph of sin, death and the physical body. In modern times, many Christians celebrate Easter by joining together friends and family to have dinner in honor of the Lord and his son’s sacrifice for all humans. For most parents with children, during the day Easter is also a great day for the kids to participate in fun activities. Having a large gathering this Easter Sunday? Chez Vous Catering and Party Rentals can help you plan a great Staten Island Easter celebration.

Hosting an Easter party? Spice it up with games that go beyond the traditional egg hunt.

Upgrade Prizes

An egg hunt is the cornerstone of any Easter party and to be expected. But a way to switch it up is to change-up the prizes found in each egg. Instead of the traditional eggs with candy inside, fill the eggs with fun items such as stickers, movie tickets, or even cash.

Have an Egg Toss

Partner every child in a team of two and provide each team one raw egg. At the start, each team will stand about three feet apart and toss the egg they have to each other. If the egg is dropped and breaks, that team is eliminated. After each round, partners who are still standing take a step back to stand further apart and toss the egg again. This game and each step continues until one team remains.

Pin the tail on the rabbit

Print out a large image of Peter Rabbit to hang on the wall for this Easter twist on the classic Pin the tail on the donkey party game. An easy way to make this happen is to use cotton balls with double-sided tape for tails. The kids will love getting messy with the cotton and tape. Do not be surprised if one of your littles tries to turn themselves into a rabbit.

Do not forget about the food

Your guests want to have fun but they also want to eat. Do not forget to provide a variety of treats and selections throughout the day to help the kids and adults active. This long day of games and activities should also be filled with things to nibble on.

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