The Secret About Losing Weight For Your Wedding

While many women and men get the itch to lose weight during the months leading up to their wedding, a recent Huffington Post article suggests that being a few pounds over might not be the worst thing in the world.

While it’s no secret that we live in an age where body image and self-consciousness might be seen by some as being at an all-time high, Wedding columnist Sarah Jenks suggests that while helping someone who wants to lose weight is a very admirable goal and one that is perfectly healthy, what isn’t so healthy is for someone to have a drive to be thin.

Jenks makes the argument for focusing on being secure with the body you have/want over wanting to be up to a physical standard:

I know from experience that dieting does not create confidence or self-worth. I know so many brides who lose weight for their wedding, still feel insecure and gain all the weight back on the honeymoon. Skipping the “weight loss” and working directly on our insecurities is the only way to create a confident and sexy bride. And amazingly enough, it’s the most effective weight loss strategy and the ONLY way it’s permanent.

In essence, by being comfortable with yourself first, you are then free to make the call on weight loss on your own terms (mostly one of wanting to be healthy, not thin) and not because of a preconceived self-consciousness.

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