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Let Chez Vous Cater Your Holiday Party

The holidays are the most wonderful time of the year, not just because of the decorations or the Christmas movie marathons on television, but also because of the holiday parties. Parties around the holiday season are a double decker bus of fun; you get to enjoy a room full of decorations, holiday themed desserts and drinks, and an all around good Christmas time. The downfall of the entire Christmas party is making sure everyone is fed and happy, and then subsequently cleaning up the food afterward. Whether you’re holding the party in your own home or office, it’s a hassle.

2012 Holiday Party Trends

The holiday season brings to mind thoughts of family, shopping, and the always memorable holiday parties. If you’re throwing a smaller party for friends or even a larger event for your corporate office, you’re probably interested in hearing about some of the trends that are popular for 012 get-togethers.

Pies are the new Cupcake

According to Invisible Touch DJs in Irvine, CA, single serving mini-pies are all the rage this year.  No, they’re not just talking about dessert either. “Pies come in all flavors and sizes. Meat pies, savory pies, sweet pies, maxi and mini. The miniature size pies are a unique way for guests to enjoy a treat without over-eating at your utensil-free holiday party.”

Bringing The Outdoors In

SuccessfulMeetings.com says that bringing in elements recognizable from outdoors is a neat way to decorate for your upcoming holiday celebration. “Hanging evergreens from the ceiling will achieve this. So will elements such as fur, raw birch and organic teak stumps. Ice inspired furniture such as ghost chairs and Lucite shadowbox bars will make your guests feel as though they have entered a cozy lodge in an enchanted winter’s forest.”

Ice Skating

One of the more adventurous trends being balyhooed by a number of sources, is booking your party at a local ice skating rink. You can have your food and drink catered, all while trading traditional dancing for the seasonally appropriate ice skating.

As always chez vous caterers would love to assist you in planning your Holiday Party, be it corporate or personal. If you’re in the New York area, please contact us by clicking here.