Staten Island Holiday Party Catering From Chez Vous

Staten Island Holiday Party Catering from Chez Vous

Get the best Staten Island Catering from a company that has catered to the hip and stylish for 30 years.

Every year you cannot wait until the holidays. Such a joyous occasion. Whether you’ve held a holiday party yourself or were invited to one in the past, we have all been to at least one great holiday party with friends, coworkers or family. Plan your Staten Island Holiday party right with Chez Vous Catering and Party Rentals on Staten Island.

If you are hosting one of these events, select one of our historic or hip locations to hold it. From all three floors to Edgewater Hall, or Amendment 18, we have areas to suit your needs. Hosting your party at your home or office? We can bring our catering services to you! Select from one of our numerous menus to meet the needs of any guest. Just need tables or chairs? We offer those as well!

Details are important in Holiday Party Planning. You want your guests to feel welcome as well as feel comfortable staying there for a while. What things should you focus on the most while planning? Here are some tips:


Depending on the theme of the party – if there is one – you may or may not want to get specific holiday decorations. Also, while considering the decorations, first think about what type of event this is. Will people be sitting down all together to eat? Or will this be more a open, buffet style event when people eat when they want? If this is a sit down event with friends or family you may want to put some more effort into the table decorations than the remainder of the interior. Either way, enjoy your holiday with your attendees after all the planning is done.


If this is an event with friends or family you may be more inclined to serve alcoholic beverages such as beer or liquor. At an office event you may want lighter beverages such as wine, beer, water and soda. After all, people have to get home from the office party. Furthermore, if this party has a majority children you may want to stick with mainly non-alcoholic beverages. You can still have ciders or eggnog, maybe some champagne, whatever you would like to ring in the occasion properly.


Every great party has great food to match. Treat your guests well by offering a variety of options. If this is an office party, you may want to ask your coworkers beforehand what everyone would like to eat before deciding on the menu. Collaborating with your coworkers will keep that team mentality going forward and help bring you all closer if you are not a tight-knit company already.

About Chez Vous Catering and Party Rentals

Chez Vous Catering and Party Rentals is a full-service catering and party rental service operating on Staten Island, New York. We put our best effort forward to helping you choose the best menu to suit the needs of your guest and can help you pick a location for your event if necessary as well.

More than simply a Staten Island Catering Company. Plan your Holiday Party with style.

Call Chez Vous Catering and Party Rentals for questions or to book today: (718) 720-0900

Chez Vous, catering to the hip & stylish for over 35 years.

Whether you select Edgewater Hall as your party site or you have your own unique type of location in mind, Chez Vous Catering and Party Rentals promise to plan your affair with distinction.

Serving the tri-state area, we specialize in on-site and off-premise catering. We can host your event at Edgewater Hall or bring our services to you!

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