How To Pick An Event Photographer

How To Pick An Event Photographer

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You’re in the middle of planning your big extravaganza, a wedding, or graduation party. Whatever it may be, you’re going to need a photographer to preserve the memories. Without a photographer on hand, you’re beautiful setting and the memories that will come with it will be lost in the wind.

And without a good photographer, the quality of the work enclosed in your photo albums might be a lot less than what you want. How do you decide who to hire and where to go from here? Hopefully these tips below will give you the helping hand you need.

1) Work Out Your Budget

First things first, you’re going to have to figure out a budget for yourself before you hire anybody for your event. You need to ask yourself what kind of event are you planning, and how much money are you already spending? You can use this to work out what you can afford to spend on a photographer.

Sometimes it helps if you personally know a photographer who can work out a deal with you. It may even bode well for you to offer them what you’re offering the guests, and by this I mean offer them food and drinks in exchange for a lower rate.

2) Review Their Portfolio

When you’re hiring somebody for their creative work, it is always best to review a portfolio. You need to physically see with your own eyes what kind of work your prospective freelancer is capable of. And if somebody you’re vetting doesn’t have a portfolio, or doesn’t know what a portfolio even is, then you move on to the next one. You don’t want anyone who doesn’t know what they’re doing handling the preservation of your memories.

Reviewing a portfolio before you hire a photographer is almost like watching a movie trailer before you go see the movie. You have to know what the movie is all about, how it looks, and how it might make you feel.

3) The Style You’re Looking For

There are a few different styles of photography that can happen at your event. You need to ask yourself if you want entirely candid shots, posed formal shots, or maybe even both. There are photographers that specialize in either and one might be better than others with the specifics. As soon as you lock down what style you’re looking for, you can bring yourself one step closer to hiring the right person for your event.

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