Flowers by Rebecca

Your Reception should have a little Drama

Your reception should have a little drama…not the kind where your Aunt Julie decides to fight with your Uncle Mike, but the kind of drama that takes your breath away when you walk into the party.

Some event spaces are so lovely, they provide their own drama…beautiful chandeliers, marble floors and large windows looking out to a spectacular garden.

Unfortunately, these rooms are usually beyond the budget of many brides. Don’t despair, you and your florist or party planner can create a pretty, dramatic space for your wedding reception almost anywhere.

The key to drama is to begin with as simple a background as possible. If the walls in the reception hall are an unacceptable color, or are too “busy” with unattractive artwork and dreadful “views”, the best suggestion would be to order “pipe & drape” for at least 3 walls and the ceiling. This system of gathered white fabric covers everything, much like the inside of a gorgeous tent or the frosting on your wedding cake, creating a uniform background to begin your creative fun.

Lighting is one of the best dramatic tools. With “pipe & drape” you can choose your color to flood the walls and ceiling. Select your wedding color…perhaps a gorgeous raspberry shade, and you will have instant drama. Up lighting plants, the cake table, or even illuminating individual centerpieces can add additional sparkle. Don’t forget the power of candlelight….I never do a party without tons of small votive candles placed everywhere.

The centerpieces for a dramatic look don’t have to be huge, complex structures. It does help to have height, but tall, or short, one of the most powerful floral effects is to choose one variety and color of flower, and use it in abundance. For example, in our reception room we’re creating, we’ve draped the room and flooded the walls and ceiling with raspberry lighting, scattered votive lights everywhere, brought in masses of raspberry colored peonies and simply placed them in vases short or tall. We’re on track for a breath taking effect.

Choose table linens, napkins and possibly chair covers in the same color as the lighting, or this is a place to add a pop of color that makes the whole space sing!

Unless you have a real eye, it’s best to limit your color pallet to one or two shades.

These are the basics of a dramatic environment for maximum effect. Share your ideas with your florist or party planner and together you can create a magical experience for your guests.