Non Floral Arrangements

A non-floral arrangement – what would have seemed outlandish to older generations is quickly becoming increasingly popular among new brides. With a limitless range of materials and designs at their fingertips, brides are finding creative ways to coordinate their modern bouquets with every imaginable setting and color  scheme, while simultaneously reflecting personality and what they individually cherish.

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Non-floral arrangements are an ideal alternative for those brides who want their ceremony to be eco-friendly; in order to have the colourful, exotic blooms so many of us lust after, the flowers often need to be shipped from across the seas, leaving quite a substantial carbon footprint. Furthermore, most of these flowers are grown in green houses where they are continuously sprayed with pesticides to maintain their “freshness.” When featuring non-floral arrangements, you don’t have to worry about such issues, especially during the colder months.

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