Must Haves at Your Staten Island BIG FOOTBALL GAME Party

The NLF’s biggest game takes place every year at quite an interesting time. It’s close to the end of winter. People have accepted the cold already and want to have a good time if they are going to waste time going somewhere besides their own home. Here are some foods you must have to make your “Big Game”party awesome enough for foodies or homebodies.


Your vegetarian friend might hate them, but everyone else has their favorite type of wing. Whether bone-in or boneless. Try to provide both if you care at all about the people eating there. The popular staples to have are buffalo and barbeque. However, if you really want to win over a foodie try to throw in something not too simple. Or provide some plain wings and sauces on the side for people to dip into what they want.


Everyone loves burgers, so small burgers are even better. You get to have more than one and not feel guilty about it! In the case of the sliders, you may want to air on the side of caution with how you cook these babies. Sure, your buddy might like their meat pink or basically dead enough to eat, but at the end of the night you want your guests to go home full and not sick.

Finger foods in general

Almost no one wants to eat with a fork at a “Big Game” party. French fries, pizza, hot dogs, maybe even stuff for tacos, etc. Keep it simple. Try to provide some grilled veggies for the vegetarians or vegetable lovers too! You can still provide forks and knives for those folks who hate getting their fingers dirty. But make the process of cleaning up a lot easier for you. You can still help the environment by using your own utensils. But tonight, keep the food simple to eat but also good.

Last but not least: Beer and/or make at least one cocktail

Almost everyone wants at least one beer or cocktail at a “Big Game” Party. If you do not drink, that’s perfectly fine. Being a host means providing what people want, while also having a good time with your guests. Pick a brew that generally everyone will like, or if you’re really not a beer person, ask your beer loving friends for help with the selection. We’re sure they will go on and on about the newest craft beer they tried. Maybe you’ll find a beer you like too, who knows, but try your best to pick something everyone will want to try. If there are some cocktail lovers going to your party, try to think of them as well.

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