Host the Spookiest Staten Island Halloween Party


October means several things. Not only is fall amongst us, but also upcoming Halloween bashes. To plan the perfect Halloween Party on Staten Island, some things should be taken into consideration. You want to have fun while making sure your friends have fun as well.

Here are some details you want to keep in mind:

Decor, decor, decor

Transform your home or party location into a haunted house. Consider the age group of all people attending your party and then decide how scary to go from there. The older your guests are the more you are able to scare your guests. If the party is at home and you are serving your guests dinner you want to set up your table just as spooky as the rest of your home. Grab your decorative skulls, pumpkins and black spiderweb placemats and consider the best meal to satisfy your guests on this occasion.


A halloween party traditionally means that guests will come already dressed in a costume. Try to make all of your guests feel comfortable enough to dress up as they wish. After all, Halloween is celebrated for one night or weekend a year. Almost anyone wants to be whoever they want for a night. Whether they want to scare everyone or paint their face to look like their favorite TV show character, encourage your friends to have fun this night!

Spooky Drinks and Festive Foods

If you can make any popular drink or food look bloody or black and spooky, go with it! Make some Shirley Temples with candy eyeballs in them next to the cherry, or mudslides can be garnished with a fake spider on top. If you are very crafty, channel your inner barista and draw the spiders on your drinks or cups with chocolate syrup. Just be careful to warn your guests if your drinks or food are made with anything inedible. As far as food goes, make some foods that match the occasion. Anything you can design to look like ghosts, frankenstein, mummies, black cats and spiders is fair game. Having extra candy laying around for your guests would not hurt either. If you know someone with an allergy, one item you may want to be wary of for your guests is anything with peanut butter. Otherwise, try your best to have fun treating or tricking your guests tonight!

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