Baby Shower Ideas for Staten Island

Throwing A Staten Island Baby Shower? Look No Further We Have Everything You Need To Know!

Today baby showers can be as elegant or laid-back as the host wants. The atmosphere is really created by the friends or family that throw it. A traditional baby shower can last for two to three hours, including food/snacks, games and presentation of gifts. Creating a guest list is the best place to start forming shower ideas, knowing who is coming and finding out if people are willing to assist in the preparation and gift registry.

Themes For Staten Island Baby Showers

The gender of the baby will play a big role in the theme of the shower. If the gender is known the colors for the shower will generally be based off of that, if the gender is still a surprise the colors will typically we more neutral. One of the top trends for baby showers in 2016 was the use of pastel colors. You may want to incorporate these softer colors in your Staten Island Baby Shower decorations.

DIY Or Leave It To The Professionals

This choice is really up to you Staten Island! If you feel you’re a creative cat with the time and friends needed to make all the decorations, go for it! Pinterest has millions of different DIY ideas for baby showers, ranging from easy crafting to very detailed crafting ones. If you aren’t into using glue and getting messy, ordering from a small bouquet shop is one option or you can just order stuff online. Whether you are doing it yourself or not, games should be a part of your Staten Island Baby Shower. We’ve listed below a few popular ones, and remember to make sure winners are receiving a gift.

Some Popular Baby Shower Games

  • Baby Shower Bingo
  • Baby Shower Price is Right
  • Dirty Diapers
  • Advice Book
  • Celebri-Baby
  • Don’t Say Baby

For further instruction and more games check out Unique Baby Shower Games for Large Groups and 12 baby shower games that won’t make you cringe

The Best Location For A Staten Island Baby Shower

Lastly picking a location for the shower can be a bit tricky. You need enough room that you can use all your trendy decorations as well as serve food or snack without getting in the way of the mommy to be as she opens her presents. Chez Vous Catering is exactly that, allowing a perfect amount of comfort for guests as well as enough space for the baby bump to walk around the room. We will even do you one better and take away the stress of preparing food away from you and we will cater the whole shower for you! If you decided you want to have the shower in your house, no worries we are ready to cater to your door!

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