An Elegant Wedding at an Inspiring Price

I presented tonight at the Great Bridal Extravaganza at the Metropolitan Pavillion in NYC. I was surprised at the number of brides that were overwhelmed at the expensive prices  to cater their wedding. After adding in the location fee, caterer, party rentals, staff, bar service and flowers, they were shocked at the expensive quotes they received. One bride said, ” I am about to give up.”

Caterers are categorized as on premise or off premise caterers.  An on premise caterer provides catering in their own space. Their chef provides the food and china service, bar service and staff is included in one price. An off premise caterer provides catering at your home, office or location of choice. There are separate companies that provide the space, catering, party rentals and decorations. As a rule of thumb off premise catering is more expensive than on premise catering. Sometimes off premise events can run between $175 to $400 per person to the surprise of many. Some couples find out how expensive off premise catering can be after they leave a deposit on their space. Before leaving a deposit on your off premise space, make sure you have your vendors selected and make sure they are within your budget

chez vous owns two exclusive locations that there clients use for weddings and special events, The Historical Edgewater Hall in Downtown Staten Island and Shandelee Lake Inn in the Catskill Mountains. Full service wedding prices run between $70 & $80 per person. They are also one of the few catering companies in the country that provides both catering and party rentals when catering off premise, saving their clients up to 50%.  chez vous offers one stop shopping for catering at your home, office or your specialty location of choice.  We provide catering, party rentals, staff, bar service and flowers. Full service prices for off premise events runs between $80 & $100 per person. Call us to make your affair everyting you imagined.