3 Important Suggestions For Booking a Last Minute Wedding

Somewhere in between a long engagement and a shotgun wedding in Vegas is the last minute wedding. For those couples who can’t wait for their big day, but still want to celebrate it with all of their friends and family. Here at chez vous caterers, one of our specialties is pulling together a memorable and stylish wedding under the most demanding time constraints.

Here are a list of things that couples should think about when booking a last minute wedding:

1. Venue: Chez vous caterers makes it’s home in the historic Edgewater Hall. By using our hall, couples save valuable time searching for a secondary location.

2. One Stop Shopping: With the party being held at our home, we can provide party planning services including floral arrangements, booking live music or a DJ, providing a photographer, and any other key element to your successful event.

3. Budget: One of the most challenging steps in throwing a last minute wedding is putting together the money required to pay for the event. Chez vous can help you manage the cost of your party. Small changes like switching from table service to buffet dining or switching from open bar to beer, wine, and sangria can make a huge difference.

If you’re interested in discussing a last minute wedding in the NY tri-state area, please contact us and we’ll help make your dreams a reality.