12 Tips for Do It Yourself Party Rental Clients

12 Tips for Do It Yourself Party Rental Clients

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It has been a tough year for DIY party rental clients. The seasonal rainstorms have wreaked havoc on outdoor parties for most weekends. When this happens, many experience party anxiety. Why invest in a party if you are not going to enjoy it? Parties are about affirming friendships and creating new ones that will last a lifetime. That is hard to do when you are freaking out about something you can’t control, like the weather. Here are 13 top tips for enjoying your rental party this year:

Expect Rain

Have a “Plan A” and a “Plan B”. “Plan A” should be expecting that the sun will be out and shining. “Plan B” should be to expect rain. Plan for a tent in advance or have an indoor plan in place just in case the weather refuses to cooperate. Don’t be afraid of letting them inside. They’re going in there anyway to use to the restroom and help bring out the food, right?

If you’re worried about guests coming in and out of your home, it may be best to host your party at a catering hall.

Don’t be Antsy

Do not text the party rental company at 1 am the night before your party because you heard that there might be rain tomorrow and need a tent. Plan ahead and expect that there might be some inclement weather.

Don’t Lie

Do not lie to the party rental company. If you plan to use your rental equipment for more than one day, simply let us know in advance and we will be more than happy to accommodate your needs. Rentals are for a day. We sometimes pick up Saturday rentals early on Sunday.

Many schools rent their chairs Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday for pick up on Friday and we apply discounts. If you need your chairs Friday and Saturday during the busy season, we can ask for an extra ½ day. Everything can be worked out as long as it is communicated.

Don’t Expect New Equipment

Our goal is to give you the best possible equipment we have. Our equipment is used, but all of our tables, chairs, and other party rentals are maintained regularly. At times, some clients’ expectations exceed reality. If you want new chairs, we can certainly purchase them for you. Plastic chairs with metal frames are $28 each and padded chairs are $48 each.

Plan Ahead

When you plan your graduation in January for June, you should book your rental then. If you wait until June to book, you can plan to experience overwhelmed rental personnel and a thin schedule for bookings. Once you book your rental, equipment is taken out of inventory, reserved, and guaranteed for you!

Don’t Be A Rain Watcher

Rental Companies know when a client is watching for rain and will often hold off on booking a tent until rain is confirmed. This often causes unwanted conflict. It is always better to reserve the tent with a deposit and then cancel it a few days before if the weather is confirmed to be sunny and forfeit your deposit.

Limited Supply

Most party rental companies rent out all of their equipment on most weekends during the busy season. Supply is limited, so always make sure to book your event early, leave deposits and receive confirmation of your date.

No Refunds

Please remember that all deposits are non-refundable. If you reserve chairs, we take them out of inventory and cannot rent them to another party. If you cancel, rental companies cannot refund your money due to the fact that you reserved equipment that they then could not rent to another customer.

Do Not Forget Anything

If you forget to order your chairs and remember on the day you need them, there is a chance they might not be available. It is important to note that we do not deliver rentals on Saturdays and most rentals companies do not deliver on Saturdays. Occasionally, we will be available for same-day delivery on Saturday. In these cases expect to pay a same-day delivery charge which is larger than the normal delivery charge.

$150 Minimum

To send a truck to deliver and pick up rentals is expensive. Plan to rent tables, chairs, and linens to meet your delivery minimum. If you own your own tables and linens, we can purchase your chairs for you so you have a complete package.

Linens as a Special Order

Always keep in mind that Linens are specially ordered by most rental companies and require two weeks’ notice.

Take Stock of Your Rentals

If you are not happy with your chairs from a particular rental company, it might not make sense to call a second rental company because most have the same chairs and check in with each other regularly. There are only a few rental companies on Staten Island and we all work closely with each other and rent out similar materials and services from local vendors. It is always a good idea to visit your rental company to see the merchandise so you know what you have rentals.

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As Featured on Inspired Bride

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