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FREE Wedding Planning Guideline

Our friends over at the Little Wedding Guide have set up a free, easy to follow guideline for planning your wedding.

According to the guide:

Generally speaking, different wedding planning tasks will fall into a timeline that you can of course adjust depending on your own schedule and needs. For most brides and grooms, choosing a wedding date and location is normally on the top of the wedding planning list, followed by choosing a wedding dress and thinking about the inital guest list. Attending a bridal show or two in the early stages is also a good idea. You can use the following plan to guide you through your own planning process. Most importantly, keep things simple, and enjoy the journey!

Everything from deciding on the perfect wedding dress,


to pointing you in the direction of the correct way to file name-change paperwork is covered in this guide.


The free wedding planning guideline is full of everything you will ever need to know regarding the planning of your special day, from buying the perfect engagement ring to planning the perfect honeymoon.

By following any guideline of this nature, you will ensure the smooth-sailing of your next wedding by hitting all the right notes.