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Heller Wedding Trifecta! (& Amazing Dance Video)

Chez Vous caterers is very proud to announce that we’ve catered our third wedding celebration for the children of  Sherman and Linda Heller.  A tradition that has included the weddings of Clifford & Kathy (La Belle Epoque NYC, 09/92) and Victoria & Stephen (Shandelee Lake Inn, 07/07) now includes Russell and Heather.

Each of the aforementioned ceremonies included one of Sherman Heller’s children and each wedding has been a pleasure to work on. We anticipate catering the ceremony for his daughter Brandy which will be the fourth and final wedding, completing the superfecta!


Photo by Jennifer MacFarlane

The ceremony for Russell & Heather was certainly one to write home about. Held on Oct 10th at the Fire Museum in New York City. With beautiful decor, great food and an impromptu dance number featuring songs ranging from “(I’ve had) The Time of My Life” to “Here comes the Hotstepper” Beautiful photos from the event, taken by Jennifer MacFarlane, can be found at Pictage.com.

Check out this awesome video of Russell & Heather doing their surprise dance number!:

Other events catered for the Heller Family include Sherman’s 50th and 70th Birthday party, as well as Linda’s father’s 90th birthday at Edgewater Hall.