25th Anniversary Savings!


Chez Vous Caterers and Party Rentals is 25 years old this year! To celebrate this momentus occasion we’re offering an amazing value to our customers. Our buffet menu which usually costs $22 per person is practically being given away at $16 per person!

The very best part is that you can enjoy this amazing deal from anywhere you’re party is happening! Chez Vous will gladly deliver your buffet to any location, we’ll even bring the tables and chairs!*. Wherever your occasion is being hosted, your food will arrive. We also provide talented servers and bartenders* so you can sit back and enjoy your meal without concern.

Chez Vous. Great Food at inspiring prices! Check out the Anniversary Buffet Menu!

*Party Rentals (Tables and Chairs) and Staff can be reserved at additional cost.

Peter’s 40th Birthday Extravaganza!


Chez Vous went on a road trip Saturday August 29th, to Candlewood Lakes in New Fairfield Connecticut to cater Peter’s 40th birthday party. The guests all dressed in white, which complemented a beautiful all white décor. They enjoyed an elegant cocktail party followed by a viennese table and chocolate fountain. Chef Ettore Mazzei along with Executive Chef Jerry Modig prepared and cooked the hors d’oeuvres, pasta bar ,carving station and desserts at Peter’s summer home. The guests listened and danced to the awesome sounds of “The Blues Band”



Spot of Tea? High Tea in New York


Chez Vous caterers are experts when it comes to the tradition and elegance of High Tea. If you’re looking for something different to provide th spice of variety for your guests, high tea has both the tradition and novelty to make your occasion one that will be remembered for years to come.

High tea is an Americanized version of the English culture’s tea meals. Wikipedia explains the origins of the tradition which originated out of Great Britain:

“It would usually consist of cold meats, eggs or fish, cakes and sandwiches. In a family, it tends to be less formal and is an informal snack (featuring sandwiches, biscuits, pastry, fruit and the like) or else it is the main evening meal.”

Please check out our High Tea Menu here.

Lindsay & Troys Wedding, Photos by David Giordano


Last month, Staten Island photographer David Giordano made his way up to Shandelee Lake Inn and captured some beautiful snapshots of the decor and atomosphere during Lindsay and Troy’s wedding.

David runs and operates Freshgrafix.net, a photography and web firm based out of Staten Island, NY. The site’s about page describes the origins of his one man operation

“In January 2006 I bought my first digital slr. That opened a word of opportunity. By that time I started working as a full time web developer and started to get jobs taking photos of products for E-commerce websites. Most of my paid photography jobs at that time were shooting clothing or jewelry for boutiques located in Staten Island, NY”

Since then David has photographed at large events like the Vans Warped Tour and for DJ Rich Russo of WRXP 101.9 in NY.

When asked about his experience, David recalled his first impressions of the Inn “On my arrival to Shandelee all I could keep thinking is “why haven’t I gone here sooner!” It was such an amazing place tucked away from the hustle and bustle. Being from the city it was such a nice brief vacation. The grass even looked better out there!. The views in Shandelee are simply breathtaking”

Below you can find a gallery of the images from David’s trip:

Chez Vous at SirenFest!


Here at Chez Vous caterers and Dock Stree ‘On Location’ we are very excited to be a part of this year’s Siren Music Festival (also known as SirenFest if you’re hip enough.) On Saturday July 18th, We’ll be backstage providing some amazing food and ambiance for the performers.  What is it that makes this job stand out from any other catering gig?

The SirenFest is  an event that draws fans of the indie and experimental rock that comprises the bulk of Sirenfest’s performers, as the concert itself is held in high esteem for its high-quality sound and performances and for being free of charge. In other words, it’s kind of a big deal.

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Wedding Toast Tips And Guidelines

Wedding Toast Tips And Guidelines

So you’re a groom on your wedding day. The reception plans have been made months ago, the ceremony ended an hour ago, and the stress you have had built up around this day since your engagement can finally be put aside and replaced with relaxation and good tidings with family and friends, right?

Sure…unless you forgot to prepare a toast for the reception.

Often an overlooked part of the wedding festivities, the toast can create feelings of laughter and warm nostalgia or create an awkwardness that your guests won’t soon forget.

Well don’t fret, because our friends over at GroomGroove have created a short instructional video explaining a cliffnotes-style lesson plan for giving an effective toast that is sure to create a moment that your guests will remember for all the right reasons.