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As Seen On My Fair Wedding with David Tutera

On a recent episode, Chez Vous was featured as My Fair Wedding Catering Company for the wedding of Dwayne and Nicole.

My Fair wedding is a reality television show on WE tv, starring David Tutera. Since premiering in 2008, the show has been helping brides-to-be plan their dream wedding. In an early review, The New York Daily News described how the Tutera’s taste and skill-set explain the show’s success:

David Tutera didn’t get to be “wedding planner to the stars” without skills that go beyond picking the right flowers for the guest tables.

In My Fair Wedding, a new show where Tutera guides ordinary people to a better wedding experience, he demonstrates a level of verbal dexterity that would make Oprah seem tongue-tied.

In the below clip from My Fair Wedding, Chez Vous’ Chef Louis and David Tutera discuss the appetizers prepared by Chez Vous for the occasion: