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Staten Island Backyard Party Catering From Chez Vous

Throwing a party in your backyard is something to prepare for this Spring season. If you’re not in the spirit to rent out a venue, the next best thing is to host your party in your own backyard. And I mean, who doesn’t love a backyard party? Here are a few ways you could trump all other parties and set the standard among your friends and family.

Must Haves at Your Staten Island Super Bowl Party

The Super Bowl happens every year at quite an interesting time. It’s close to the end of winter. People have accepted the cold already and want to have a good time if they are going to waste time going somewhere besides their own home. Here are some foods you must have to make your Superbowl party awesome enough for foodies or homebodies.

An Educated Consumer is Our Best Customer

So many people call me and ask how much it would cost to cater their wedding or event and for 30 years I have the same thought each and every time I hear that question. My immediate thought is that you have not really done your homework yet and it’s clear that you might not know all the specifications needed to hire a caterer.

Video: 100 Years of Wedding Dresses

100 Years of Wedding Dresses was inspired by the rich history of Edgewater Hall. When I first began working for Edgewater, I used to imagine all of the brides who walked through these doors to be wed over the past 140 years. Thus, I decided to blend together Edgewater Hall’s rich history with that of the history of wedding gowns to bring you 14 different wedding looks that are both traditional and nontraditional.

Last Minute Wedding Tips

There are many different reasons for a couple to get married last minute. Whether it be related to armed services, illness, pregnancy, or spontaneity, Chez Vous is here to help. We contacted Staten Island’s most popular wedding companies in order to find out what can be done if a couple has a deadline of one month to six weeks before they say “I do”. Some places have even said that they could throw together your wedding day goodies within 24 hours, keep in mind, this all depends on their availability.

12 Engagement Rings for a Winter Bride to Be

Winter is the time of year filled with ice skating, snow, and engagements. Aside from the Spring, Winter sees the most engagements specifically near the end of February. When selecting a ring for your bride to be, consider selecting one of the twelve we have selected below, they have specifically been selected for any of our future winter brides.

8 Best Edgy Looks from NYFW for Staten Island Weddings

New York Fashion Week is alive and well. It kicked off on Friday, February 11th and wraps up on the 19th. We have taken the liberty in reviewing the new runway looks and have selected ones that we think are perfect for the bride who is fashion forward and edgy.