Woodstock Wedding at Shandelee Lake Inn.

Shandelee Lake Inn. This hip, chic, and stylish country inn is just mere miles from the original site of the 1969 Woodstock Music Festival. Many newbies do not know that the festival didn’t actually happen in Woodstock. One month before the planned date of the festival, August 15th 1969, the venue was changed to the farm of Max Yasgur, a 600 acre dairy farm in the town of Bethel.

In a recent post to Rock ‘n’ Roll bride, their editor Kat highlighted a simulated Woodstock style wedding:

Photo By Cory Kennedy

Photo By Cory Kennedy

This hippy chic, picnic stylee wedding with a woodstock vibe is nothing short of phenomenal. Finding amazing hidden gems like this has got to be one of my favourite things to do. I feel as though I have unearthed a complete treasure. (Read the entire post at Rock N Roll Bride)

At Shandelee Lake Inn, the Rock and Roll Woodstock wedding is a reality. Clients have shared with us that our three day weekend weddings actually simulate the three day festival atmosphere. Offering casual elegant catering and a relaxed and professional staff, live Music, magical times, and if you want to get muddy play by our lake. The party never ends at Shandelee.

Lindsay and Troy’s Wedding 06/20/09 Shandelee Lake Inn:


Lindsay and Troy play some Janis Joplin with their band “Hot Rod” at Shandelee into the wee hours of the night.


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