New York City Summer Wedding Trends

New York City is considered by many to be the greatest city in the world, so it comes as no surprise that New York wedding planners are the taste-makers when it comes to your big day.  Recently Bridal Guide interviewed some of NYC’s most prominent planners in order to gauge the hottest trends for Weddings in the big apple this summer.

In brief, here’s what the experts had to say:

  • Dazzling Wedding Decorations – Colorful silverware, designer lighting, and larger than life bars are all the rage.
  • Mood Altering Wedding Colors – The days of the plain white wedding are over, now brides are looking to spice things up with bold colors on their big day.
  • Tasty Food and Drinks – Traditional fare is out while more interesting options like sliders and margaritas are in.
  • Wines of the Times – Staying on top of this years top wine is important for today’s weddings.
  • Forget Me Not Flowers – People are choosing to select floral arrangements that make a statement and are hard to forget.
  • Tempting Desserts and Cakes – Similar to decor, bold is in style when it comes to the wedding cakes. The shinier, the better.
  • Mood Music – Music has become one of the most important was to personalize a wedding, chosing personal favorites over traditional wedding staples.

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