Green Weddings (Eco Friendly Weddings)

green wedding ideas Perhaps you’re like me: drives a EV recycles, conserves energy and uses all natural products in the household. But now that your big day is coming up, what about your wedding? Perhaps with all the planning involved, you didn’t think of the ecological impact a wedding and reception can have or perhaps you thought it might turn off your friends and family who are not as Eco-conscious as you are. Put your worries to rest and follow us on the green trail with suggestions for your Eco-friendly wedding.


In a wedding, paper is used for everything from the invitations to the party favors to being a part of centerpieces and even the bouquet. Yet you are an Eco-minded person so you want your wedding to reflect that. One way is to use 100% or partially recycled paper, for all the party favors and other things, which not only cuts down on paper waste but also makes the statement to your guests that everything old is new again. Another way to cut down on waste is to use the Internet. Utilizing the power of the many websites for registering guests, listing the flow of events from the wedding to the reception, and making the initial announcement to your family and friends via mass e-mail not only drastically cuts down on paper waste but also reaches far more people in less time and saves you money in the end.


Flowers play such a huge part in weddings, not only in the bouquet but also in centerpieces and even the tiara of the veil. One thing that can help is to get your flowers locally. Having them brought from another state or even another country is unwise as they wouldn’t be native to where your wedding is stationed. Another thing involving flowers is that you can give them away as favors to your guests. Try having seedlings gift wrapped with 100% recycled paper at each table with a “Thank You” note attached. Or having them mailed to everyone after the wedding and reception.

Wedding Bands

No, I’m not talking about a mariachi band, but the wedding bands you both put on each other’s fingers. I’m sure by now you’ve heard of “blood diamonds”, the diamonds that are mined in parts of Africa that are the result of slave labor. How can anyone in good conscience support such an abomination by buying a diamond from anyone that sells them from such misery? Fortunately there are alternatives such as diamonds that come from community mines or even man-made diamonds. Also, there are bands that are created from recycled gold and platinum and even wooden bands that you can both purchase.

Wedding Dresses
Ok, you’re probably wondering why this is here. Often, it takes alot to manufacture a dress… especially a wedding dress. So what does an eco-conscious person do about this? Why buy or rent a used wedding dress! There are many places you can get one from, like Brides Against Breast Cancer or the tried and true method of borrowing your mom’s wedding dress. As well, there are alternative fabrics you can find for your dress such as those made with hemp or organic cotton. Once the day is over, please donate your dress to the Brides Against Breast Cancer or save it to give to your own daughter when it’s her turn.

Mazel Tov!!!