Tent Style Wedding Ceremony and Reception

If you decide on an outdoor wedding ceremony and reception, you will need a place for guests to enjoy your celebration. Backyard weddings are becoming more popular with many couples. The ceremonies and receptions can be as formal as any held in an indoor venue. A variety of wedding tents for rent are available in different designs. They allow couples the freedom to have an outdoor reception without having to worry about rain. When you use a tent for your wedding or reception, there are several ideas for you to consider on how to use them. Here at chez vous we offer tent rentals at a reasonable price.


(1) One type of tent to consider is a clear tent. This type of structure allows you to bring the outdoors into your reception yet be protected from the elements. Guests will be able to see the sky and the area is lit with natural lighting from the sun. You can string lights that will look stunning against the night sky.







(2) Another type to consider is frame tents that have metal frames that support the top of the tent. They do not have center poles and they are free standing. You can use this type of tent on grass, soil, asphalt, or concrete. This type of tent comes in various sizes and works well in small spaces.








(3) Pole Tent

The pole tent is held down with stakes and ropes. This type of tent has perimeter poles as well as interior poles that support the top of the tent. These structures need to be staked into the grass, soil, asphalt, or concrete. They come in a variety of sizes from 10 x 10 foot to 60 x 240 feet making them ideal for any size of reception.







(4) Trac Tent

You may like the idea of a trac tent that has a metal frame. There are no center poles because panels are fitted into channeling beams to construct the top of the tent. There is one piece that is pulled over the frame for the top of this style. This design has a sleek look for your reception.







(5) When you use a tent, you may decide to use sidewalls to enclose the area. Several types of sidewalls are available, depending on the rental business. Solid white, mesh, and French window sidewalls will each change the look of your tent. They also provide additional protection from the elements.









(6) Heater

One idea to consider when using a tent is a heater. This is a way to ensure guests will be comfortable if the weather should turn cold. Heaters are available in different sizes that heat different size areas. When you decide to use heaters in your reception tent, you do not have to worry about weather conditions. Depending on the size of your tent, you may need more than one heater.








(7)  Center pole Covers

While poles are necessary when you use a tent, there are ways to disguise them. White satin sleeves that fit tight on the poles go with the looser fitting slips to create a billowing appearance. The center poles will have an elegant look when covered in satin. Corner curtains and side pole covers in matching satin and cotton blends compliment the center pole covers.








(8) Ten flooring

An outdoor wedding and reception held on the lawn may not be the best area for dancing. One idea that offers a smooth dance surface is hardwood tent flooring. Using flooring inside your tent, you ensure the women wearing heels have a smooth surface to walk on. The hardwood floor adds to the elegant appearance of your reception.








(9) Lighting

Another lovely idea for a reception held in a tent is lighting. Several types of lighting are available to personalize your celebration. Strings of lights can be hung around the poles and at the ceiling of the tent adding a romantic feel. Paper lanterns or drum lighting hung throughout the tent add a unique type of lighting. For more formal affairs, you can use crystal chandeliers and antler chandeliers are ideal for rustic affairs.







(10) Tables

Coming up with an idea for seating for your guests is another decision, you will be faced with. Table options include different sizes of round and square tables. Another idea for seating is a six-foot buffet table. Folding chairs for guests at each table is an ideal choice. Table linens are available in colors so you are able to match your wedding colors and they will provide a finished look for your reception.






Spring Wedding Trends For 2014

One fun place to gather inspiration is Pinterest, which has become increasingly popular among brides to be. We’ve taken the time out to check out a few Spring wedding trends 2014. The social photo pin board site does a great job of collecting the year’s big wedding trends to come.

1. Lace

Lace is very popular at the moment. You’ll want to use the fabric as an accent.


2. Mint Green

The hot color for this upcoming season is Mint green. The refreshing shade is popular because it’s looked at as chic and beautiful, not to mention different from affairs held in years past. It’s also quite fitting for the spring season.


3. The Reception Lounge

One of the more interesting trends is that of the reception lounge. Creating a nightclub atmosphere for your guests during the reception makes for a hipper, more interesting party.


4. Creative Food Options

A continuing trend for the upcoming wedding season is providing guests with interesting and different food options. Some weddings have been using middle-eastern choices while others have taken to more casual fare.


5. Rustic Themes

Brides are taking a cue from the past for the wedding of the future. Rustic themes like having a wedding in a barn or using bails of hay as seating are all part of this.

If you’re interested in incorporating any of these trends into your wedding chez vous provides consultation and catering services. Contact us for more information.

Eco Friendly Wedding, Go Green!

green wedding ideas Perhaps you’re like me: drives a EV recycles, conserves energy and uses all natural products in the household. But now that your big day is coming up, what about your wedding? Perhaps with all the planning involved, you didn’t think of the ecological impact a wedding and reception can have or perhaps you thought it might turn off your friends and family who are not as Eco-conscious as you are. Put your worries to rest and follow us on the green trail with suggestions for your Eco-friendly wedding. Read more

chez vous to cater at Moravian Cemetery

Screen Shot 2014-06-10 at 6.13.10 PM

Tomorrow we will be catering an event at the Moravian Cemetery located at 2205 Richmond Road in Staten Island. The  cemetery is considered one of America’s most beautiful burial parks.  Widely recognized for its beautifully manicured grounds, lakeside view, and natural knolls and valleys, the non-sectarian cemetery offers a setting of beautiful serenity for all people. The Moravian Cemetery encompasses 113 acres, and is the property of the Moravian Church of Staten Island.

Screen Shot 2014-06-10 at 6.12.58 PM

Its newest development, “The Hillview Mausoleum,” is part of a continuing tradition of expansion and improvement for the community.At the historic Moravian Cemetery, they respect the need for beauty in final resting place. Their non-sectarian cemetery is well-known as one of the most picturesque and impeccably maintained memorial sites in the tri-state area. 

Screen Shot 2014-06-10 at 6.12.47 PM


chez vous will be catering an event held at the Garden Mausoleum.   Adorned with beautiful flowers and plants, the Garden Mausoleum offers families a serene and colorful setting. As one of the cemetery’s “Community Mausoleums,” Garden is appreciated for its dignity and affordability.





3 Tips for Booking Last Minute Wedding




Somewhere in between a long engagement and a shotgun wedding in Vegas is the last minute wedding. For those couples who can’t wait for their big day, but still want to celebrate it with all of their friends and family. Here at chez vous caterers, one of our specialties is pulling together a memorable and stylish wedding under the most demanding time constraints.

Here are a list of things that couples should think about when booking a last minute wedding:

1. Venue: Chez vous caterers makes it’s home in the historic Edgewater Hall. By using our hall, couples save valuable time searching for a secondary location.



2. One Stop Shopping: With the party being held at our home, we can provide party planning services including floral arrangements, booking live music or a DJ, providing a photographer, and any other key element to your successful event.



3. Budget: One of the most challenging steps in throwing a last minute wedding is putting together the money required to pay for the event. Chez vous can help you manage the cost of your party. Small changes like switching from table service to buffet dining or switching from open bar to beer, wine, and sangria can make a huge difference.

If you’re interested in discussing a last minute wedding in the NY tri-state area, please contact us and we’ll help make your dreams a reality.

Temple Israel Staten Island’s 50th Anniversary “The Golden Gala”

This past Saturday June 7th, we catered Temple Israel Staten Island’s 50th Anniversary “The Golden Gala”. This took place in their beautiful spiritual home located at 315 Forest Ave. Staten Island, NY. They re-dedicated their building and recalled some of its most memorable events.Today,Temple Israel stands as the only Reform Congregation on Staten island.
chez vous provided full catering services for 100 guests.We started with 5 hot d’oeuvres – grilled baby lamb chops, sesame seed chicken, franks in a blanket, Asian spring rolls, and asparagus wrapped in puff pastry.
A 1 hour ceremony took place in the sanctuary which was followed by Kosher style sit down dinner. Menu items included bow ties pesto, garden salad, grilled vegetables ( sweet potatoes, zucchini, eggplant, portobello mushroom)  with an entree choice of  grilled salmon on a bed of garlic basil sauce, or boneless chicken served with lemon mustard sauce.
In addition, we provided a dessert platter of mini chocolate covered cannoli, mini almond biscotti, fresh fruit, and 7 layer cookies.
It was a festive event filled with dancing, love and laughter.
10300781_680653698672913_3089066164915436686_n (1)
For details on booking chez vous for your catering needs, please give us a call at 718-720-0900.

Tips for Choosing an Event Hall that Fits Your Party Needs



Whenever you’ve partied, you no doubt danced like you couldn’t get enough, and partaken in any foods that were available. A party is a good time and something that should be remembered for years to come, but what about your own or that of one for whom you would like to surprise? What about the wedding reception you and your spouse-to-be wanted so that both your families can celebrate your union? It is times like these where you must put together lists to make sure all the “T”s have been crossed and the “I”s dotted. But what goes into finding the right kind of event hall for your specific party??

Do Not Go Into It With Blinders On

Say you’ve found nice place, not everything is as you’d want it, but the price is good and it can make do. But what’s this? There’s 4 other places that offer nearly everything or everything you wanted in an event hall for your party with varying prices, some cost more to rent than what the first place had to offer and others that were more competitive in price. So just because the first place you went to seems nice, don’t forget that there is probably other game in town that you can feel out and see for yourself if it’s a good fit for your planned party.

Location, Location, Location

While it is important to think of where you’re going to have the party at, look at all the things you must consider before deciding on a location. How many guests are coming? Is there adequate space to accommodate them? What about parking space? Is there going to be enough room for X amount of cars?

Another thing about location, how much privacy is going to be afforded to you and your guests? Perhaps a location within the city might not be such a great idea after all. What about somewhere within the suburbs? I know we’d all want to have a hall in the center of town that everyone can get to easily, but the point stands that you more than likely want some measure of privacy for your and your guests.

Necessary Amenities

Any large party is going to require food and drink and places in which to hold or prepare said food and drink. Are you and any others providing cold drinks for the party? Will there need to be food warmed up or actually cooked where your party is to be? What about the lighting? Is it adjustable? Is it bright enough so that everyone will be able to see clearly when on the dance floor or seating themselves at the table?

For the purpose of your party, whatever it is, it is important to consider these points so that you and your guests can enjoy themselves without fretting over parking space or if the drinks are cold enough.

Mazel Tov!

Wedding Lounges, Stylish Seating

The greatest part of your wedding for most, is undoubtedly the reception. It’s  the perfect time to host loved ones and celebrate your love but what’s more cozy than conversations that are nestled in chic lounge areas? Lounges aren’t for cocktail hour only, you can extend your wedding into the dark hours by creating an after party! Wedding lounges can be a beautiful touch to





















Top Reasons to Have A Summer Wedding

One of the most popular times to have a summer wedding, and with summer officially starting on June 20th, we’ve decided to highlight some of the reasons why that’s so.

More people can attend. 

Most importantly, like any other major life event, you’d like to have as many of your family and friends present as you possibly can. In the summer it’s easier for the people that you love to work around scheduling obstacles. Many professions have time off in the summer, and other ones allow room for flexibility.

The Dresses Call For It

Did you know that 75% of all wedding dresses are sleeveless? It’s true, and in the summer heat having less fabric is a plus. Sleeveless dresses may be a little chilly in the fall and definitely in the winter. Having a summer wedding would be most appropriate weather for your attire.

The flowers are in season

Spring is known as a time when the flowers begin to blossom, so in summer favorites of florists are in full bloom ready to make a wedding as beautiful and botanically diverse as possible.

Bold colors are acceptable.

Summer calls for outdoor weddings, which call for bold colors which may be a little much for chapels or other indoor locations.  Without the limitations of having your ceremony in a location where originality is trumped by tradition, your wedding can have a style that is specifically unique to you.

Location Weddings

In the summer the amount of locations which are primed for wedding ceremonies is increased dramatically. Having your wedding  on a beach or in the mountains is something that wouldn’t be possible in other seasons. We hold weddings regularly at Shandelee Lake Inn during summer months in the Catskill mountains.

The beautiful scenery surrounding Shandelee Lake makes every occasion just a little bit more special.

For details on booking, give us a call today at (718)-729-0900.

chez vous caterers wedding at St. Peter’s Church

Last week, chez vous had the pleasure of catering Greg and Shanshan’s wedding at St. Peter’s Church which located a few minutes from the Staten Island Ferry.  The church with it’s magnificent architecture is the oldest of the 36 Roman Catholic parishes on Staten Island, having been established in 1839.


St peters church  photo


Check out these photos below from the wedding catered by chez vous.



Chef and Owner Ettore with DJ Chris ox Music to the Max

chez vous caterers wedding at St. Peter’s Church

St Peters Church

st peters church 2