Wedding Trends of 2011

wedding trends 2011 Each year, there are trends that come and go, from the latest in electronics to the fashion dos and don’ts that seem to change as often as the winds. And now we are 4 months into 2011 and the wedding trends are steadily presenting themselves. The why of the trends is not as important as the what those trends are, even though knowing the why may help you have a better appreciation for the trend you may implement into your wedding and/or reception. Following are some of the more delightful trends that may put an extra pep in your step, increase your green consciousness or include family members in ways you might not have imagined. Walking Down the Aisle in a Non-Traditional Manner

Traditionally, it has been the father of the bride who escorted his daughter down the isle to symbolize his “giving away” of his daughter to her husband-to-be. In the absence of a father, the bride has either walked the aisle alone or been escorted by another important male family member, such as a brother or uncle.
Having both bride and groom walk down converging aisles and meeting at the altar either alone or escorted by both sets of parents or children is an emerging trend. This method symbolizes family unity for all guests in attendance and further sends a symbolic message that the union is stronger than just the bride and groom. Crazy as it sounds, small pets accompanying the bride down the aisle are beginning to become popular.
Colors/Wedding Favors

Wedding favors are nothing new, but many are adding a personal touch in which to thank their guests for coming. Often these favors can act as table decorations or place-card holders being the centerpieces of an arrangement of other favors huddled together in the middle of the tables at the reception. Colors also are playing a big part in the theme of the weddings with Yellow being one of the more popular ones with the wedding party wearing a combination of White and Yellow yet with the bride wearing all white. Black & White, Turquoise, Chartreuse and Coral are some of the other popular colors trending this year.
Bridal Styles:

While white is still the most popular color of the bride’s dress, scarlet red, black and other less conventional colors have begun to emerge as bridal gown choices.

Dress styles are also trending more towards the ‘less is more’ approach. A-line skirts and strapless/off-the-shoulder gowns are ever prominent, with an emphasis on showcasing ornamental jewelry and the figure of the bride.

Shorter trains and veils, such as a birdcage veil, are increasingly popular for brides in 2011. Shawls and wraps are perfect for those colder months, but also serve to protect the shoulders from sun exposure in warmer seasons.

Beautiful crystal brooches adorn the hair, the dress and even the bouquet. Bridal jewelry trends have also emphasized, pearl, crystal or rhinestone styles.

Green Weddings

So-called ‘green weddings’ are those that bring awareness to the consciousness of the bride and groom, with many of the fabrics and items made up of eco-friendly materials. Indeed, even the bouquet can consist of feathers, pine cones and berries. The food, paper items such as invitations or party favors and the very clothing worn by wedding party are organic and drive home the point that the Earth is of utmost importance.

Themed Weddings

Party themes have been around for a long time; some have been popular for over decades. Timeless themes that continue into 2011 include beach, Country Western,  royal to 1940s Hollywood movies. If the idea of a special moment encapsulated in a dream sounds good to you, rest assured themes will be a great enhancement for your wedding.

These are some of the most popular wedding trends emerging and continuing in the year 2011 and hopefully this inspires you to dream high and plan well your own wedding.